Addosser MFB Transforms Idumagbo Community with Essential Infrastructure

With ‘Environment’ being a fundamental pillar of our social impact framework; Addosser Microfinance Bank recently implemented a transformative initiative in the Idumagbo community. This transformative project aimed to address both environmental concerns and enhance community well-being, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference in our communities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by residents, including rampant theft during blackouts, inadequate drainage leading to health hazards, and difficulty navigating flooded areas without proper walkways, we took proactive measures to address these concerns and alienate community members of their prolonged sufferings.

To tackle these issues, Addosser MFB sponsored the installation of approximately 20 solar street lights, a walkway bridge, and a drainage cover. The solar street lights will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also provide a safe and well-lit environment for residents to walk and move around at night. The walk-way bridge will make it easier for residents and workers to get to work, school, and other essential services. The drainage cover will help to improve sanitation and reduce the risk of flooding. This will help to protect residents from health hazards and make the community a more livable place.

Since the installation of the solar street lights, there has been a significant reduction in security issues, putting an end to the theft concerns previously faced by residents. The drainage cover has effectively contained health risks, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for the community. Additionally, the walkway bridge has facilitated convenient movement for both passersby and residents, enhancing their day-to-day activities.

This comprehensive initiative was successfully completed and officially handed over to the community on October 13, 2023. The positive impact of these improvements has been warmly received by the Idumagbo community. Residents expressed their gratitude for Addosser MFB’s initiative and dedication to enhancing their lives. A market woman, shared her appreciation, stating, “We are grateful to Addosser MFB for the solar street lights, walkway bridge, and drainage cover in our area. This will make a big difference in our lives, especially addressing the security challenges we face. The solar street lights will make it safer for us to walk at night and also protect our goods.”

Another resident expressed heartfelt prayers for Addosser, acknowledging the positive changes brought about by the initiative. She expressed hope for more such impactful initiatives in the community’s future.

At Addosser Microfinance Bank, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy and sustainable environment, hence we will continue to improve the living conditions of everyday people in our community and society at large.


A before-and-after photo of the Idumagbo ditch
The transformation of a dark street into a well installed solar street lights
A pedestrian bridge constructed to provide a convenient way to cross flooded areas
A row of solar street lights installed in the Idumagbo community
Solar street lights installed in Idumagbo to improve safety